About WiseIdiot

WiseIdiot is an idea!

Didn’t expect that, did you??

Well we are.

An idea to look at things that are important (or not) but which seldom get a second glance (or do). The vision is to idiotically go where no wise person has gone before.

Simply put, we like to say commonsensical or rather nonsensical things, simply because everyone can. We don’t give too much thought to the correctness or leanings of what we write or what you think of it.

For the smart ones who didn’t get it yet, this is mostly a site for fun and maybe some laughter. It has some serious moments also. If you feel affronted sometimes, then – Tut-Tut – you take yourself a bit more seriously then you should. Lighten up, laugh, live, love. Smile if you can. We will be all gone and forgotten in 100-200 years anyways. The future does not care about you or us.

Now, go and read something from the links below…. we have tonnes of nothing to do….


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